The Story Behind Designs By Eliana

Hi, my name is Eliana Israel and I am the owner of Designs By Eliana. The idea behind Designs By Eliana came when I discovered not many of the children I worked with had posters or art on their walls, fun pillows on their beds or things that were unique to them. Many shared a bedroom with an older or young sibling but I still thought that space in a shared room could still reflect each child's individual personality. I wanted to create accessories that were fun, colorful and upbeat without costing their parents a small fortune.

Designs by Eliana creates products that are exclusive to her handcrafted online store but not everyone can spend a lot of money on a handmade product so I have made available digital downloads customers can print, frame and hang all in one day.

Designs by Eliana purpose is to create not only accessories for your children's rooms but offer all the little things that matter like bathroom accessories, T-shirts, customized cups and so much more.  I wanted the products I created to be unique and something you can't get anywhere. I hope you will take this exciting journey with me and find something in my shop that you can proudly display on your child's bedroom wall, playroom or bathroom. It's their space and it should reflect who they are.