Our Story

My name is Eliana Israel and I am the CEO and Founder of designs by eliana. I am a creative soul and love creating unique gifts based on the personality of the person I am gifting it to.  The design space is broad and it can be a hard space to fit just one thing you love to do but since starting my company in September 2020 I discovered my interests were more towards designing for children. 

Working with children I my time teaching things like setting a table, art, fitness and healthy habits but just teaching them was not enough for me. I try to inspire them as much as possible and products like wall art and personalization can go a long way towards building self-esteem. 

I not only create wall art for a child's space but note cards and stationary designs to encourage writing and with social distancing and not being able to see friends and extended family, writing is a great way to stay in touch and will be cherished. 

 I hope is that all who visit my store will find something they can love and cherish as well as the children in your life.  


Eliana Israel